UAE: For GCC nations, a new visa “like Schengen” is planned.

Visits on the most capable strategy to introduce this kind of visa are presently advancing at the administrative level among the countries in the locale

The Narrows Cooperation Get-together (GCC) countries are wanting to ship off a ‘Schengen-style” visa for explorers — which the majority would view as ordinary to help livelihoods and footfall for all countries in the district.

Fatima Al Sairafi, Bahrain’s clergyman of the travel industry, stated during a conversation at the Bedouin Travel Market that discussions have been taking place at the clerical level among the GCC countries regarding the most effective approach to obtaining a single, unified visa.

Because people who fly to Europe from other countries typically stay in multiple countries as opposed to one, we anticipate that taking place very soon. This was stated by Al Sairafi during a panel discussion at the Arabian Travel Market in Dubai titled “The Future of Travel for the GCC.” “We really saw the value this could bring to all of us, not just each country,” he said.




She stated that it has been beneficial to jointly promote Bahrain with Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and other nations.

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