The world’s most breathtaking locations

The world’s most breathtaking locations



This amazing world is full of beauty, both hidden and visible.

Beauty, however, is also subjective. We think this list is a good place to start when planning your travels, even though it would be impossible to agree on the most beautiful places in the world.

The best have been compiled by CNN Travel.

Our picks for the world’s most breathtakingly beautiful locations are as follows: Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, Uganda One of the last mountain gorilla redoubts, Bwindi Invulnerable Woodland is thick, lavish, and extraordinary. It is also home to watery Balkan paradises, vast Latin American deserts, and ancient Middle Eastern cities. This UNESCO-protected public park is home to a few hundred people, and visitors can travel there to meet different groups.

However, its biodiversity extends far beyond its most common inhabitants; Within its 331 square kilometers, approximately 350 bird species and 220 butterfly species can be identified.

Samburu, Kenya Due to its relative inaccessibility in the middle of Kenya, Samburu is a haven for some of the most captivating African wildlife.

The pioneering Elephant Watch Camp is in the grassland and acacia-dotted landscapes of the national reserve, where Grevy’s zebra and the endangered reticulated giraffe live.

Mount Toubkal in Morocco is referred to as “the roof of North Africa” due to its elevation of 4,167 meters (13,671 feet).

Before reaching a ridge that gradually disappears, the path to its summit winds through desolate valleys, past holy sites, and up steep snowfields, providing climbers with unparalleled views of the Atlas Mountains. It is a peaceful world away from Marrakech, which is close by.

China’s Zhangjiajie National Forest Park is known for its impressive sandstone pillars, making it China’s first UNESCO World Heritage site. It is located in Hunan Province.

Its back trails are best explored on foot because they provide an easy way to get away from the crowds and find the best views. As the mists fall, it’s clear why this area has long been a source of inspiration for traditional Chinese paintings.

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam Ha Long Bay is one of Vietnam’s most stunning locations and one of Southeast Asia’s most popular natural attractions.

Here time stops, with 1,969 limestone islets and profound, green waters that are home to various drifting towns.

Sail on a junk boat or rent a kayak to get lost in the quieter parts of this vast and fascinating South China Sea region.

El Nido, Philippines El Nido is at the northernmost tip of Palawan, an island in the Philippines. It is a great place to start a diving trip. Bacuit Bay, which is located to the west, is the ideal starting point. There, tidal ponds and shallow narrows house a fantastic assortment of marine life.

Additionally, the beaches there are decent: A piece of heaven on earth is Nacpan Beach; Sibaltan, a peaceful town in the east, offers tropical relaxation in an environment that is hard to beat. The aquamarine waters and pristine white sand will satisfy even the most discerning beach bums.

Rotorua, New Zealand Due to its otherworldly landscapes and close ties to Maori culture, Rotorua is New Zealand’s crown jewel.

Hot Water Beach, on the shores of Lake Tarawara, has geothermal-heated waters that are ideal for swimming. You can hike through California redwoods that are 60 meters (197 feet) tall in the Whakarewarewa Forest and see the surrounding lakes. It seems like there will never be another view like it when you take everything in.

Australia’s Kata Tjuta, formerly known as the Olgas and situated in the heart of Australia’s Red Centre, is one of the most sacred places in Aboriginal culture.

The Anangu people, who have inhabited this region for more than 22,000 years, and the Australian park authorities jointly manage the land. When the light changes, the best times to explore the site’s stone domes are at sunrise and sunset; The significance of the “Many Heads” and their place in their traditional myths, known as Dreamtime tales, are explained on guided tours led by Anangu.

The Maldives
The sand of its 1,200 islands is pretty much white, the water a dull blue that puts any excess seas in the shade. The Maldives, a country in the Indian Ocean, has emerged as the world’s leading tropical hotspot for good reason.

The best part is that around the Male and Ari atolls, you can choose from more than 100 private resorts and warm, affordable guesthouses. In some of the world’s best coral reefs, where schools of fish sweep and sharks hide in the depths, you can swim, dive, or enjoy a cocktail.

Jordan’s Petra is home to the renowned Treasury, or Al Khazna. Petra is an exquisitely preserved ancient Nabatean city. The Treasury can be reached through a narrow passage called the Siq.

For a truly mesmerizing experience, take a camel ride through its temples, tombs, and alleyways or put on some walking shoes and walk the walkways.

Atacama Desert, Chile Due to its crystal-clear skies, Chile’s Atacama Desert is the ideal spot for stargazing. Even without a telescope, you will be able to see the night sky in a way that will take your breath away because it is the driest desert on Earth.

The scene is also shocking, with deep craters and raging volcanoes visible not too far away as the sun sets.

The Monteverde Cloud Timberland Reserve in Costa Rica is the most magical area of this tiny, biodiverse nation. It is surrounded by clouds that are nearly as old as time.

Due to its humid, muggy environment, it is a haven for a remarkable variety of birds, big cats, and insects. Keep an eye out for the quetzal, which is one of the most stunning birds on Earth. The winding trails that meander through lush vegetation make it easy to explore.

Colombia’s Ciudad Perdida (Lost City), which can only be reached on foot, is one of the world’s most fascinating ancient sites. It is believed to be as much as 650 years older than Peru’s Machu Picchu because of the city’s terraces and statues, which draw far fewer visitors, making it much less crowded to explore.

The hike to Ciudad Perdida itself is one of the best hikes in the world. It is a multiday adventure through lush rainforest that is both memorable and difficult.

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