The UAE: Emergency clinic to concentrate on eye illness distinguished among youngsters that can prompt visual deficiency

The UAE: Emergency clinic to concentrate on eye illness distinguished among youngsters that can prompt visual deficiency


Ashwani Kumar’s publication: The Eye Institute and Research Department of Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi will conduct a study to determine the prevalence of keratoconus in the United Arab Emirates on March 1, 2023, at 8:06 p.m. This will help us better understand the condition and how to treat it.

The hospital is working to raise awareness of keratoconus, a progressive, degenerative corneal eye disease that can result in blindness if left untreated. The hospital is a partner of Mubadala Health. The United Arab Emirates has the highest prevalence of keratoconus in the world.

Keratoconus typically begins in adolescence or early adolescence, but it can also begin as a child. The reason why the structure of the cornea weakens and changes shape is not explained by any eye diseases or injuries, so the exact cause is unknown. In order to provide precise treatment to control the degree of distortion, timely detection and preventative screening are even more crucial.

The clinic’s staff doctor, cornea and refractive issues, Eye Foundation, CCAD, Dr. David Gritz, observed that it strives to advance research in order to address the complex clinical requirements of the region.

“Our objective is to study the disease’s prevalence and incidence in the local population.” By doing so, “we will be able to develop a comprehensive national screening program with the governing authorities and further serve our community,” according to the mission statement.

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What are the signs and symptoms of keratoconus?
The majority of the time, vision in one or both eyes gradually gets worse in late adolescence. When looking with just one eye, the individual may experience double vision even when wearing glasses. Haloes appear to surround the bright lights. Patients with keratoconus will notice a gradual decline in their vision. The change can reach a conclusion whenever or go on for various years. The majority of people who have keratoconus eventually develop issues in both eyes at some point.

“We have cutting-edge technologies that can be used right now to detect keratoconus early and treat it to prevent permanent vision loss caused by the condition. Dr. Gritz added, “We encourage people to choose screening tests and take the preventative approach.”

People between the ages of 18 and 30 are being urged to get checked out by the hospital and to consider taking part in the study.

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