Tennis Duty-Free in Dubai: Why Carolina Garcia, a French actress, admires Sania Mirza

Carolina Garcia loves to hang out at the JBR in Dubai when Sania Mirza, the tennis player from India, isn’t hitting those strong groundstrokes.

She also enjoys eating light meals at Common Grounds and listening to music at the Dubai Hard Rock Café.
However, despite Dubai’s reputation as a shopping mecca, the fifth-ranked person in the world will not go to a mall.

At the 23rd Dubai Women’s Tennis Championships, Garcia is one of 17 of the world’s Top 20 competitors. She has won 11 WTA titles and has won the French Open women’s doubles title twice.

It feels good to be back in Dubai. “It’s a very nice tournament,” the Frenchwoman, who was also on the team that won the Fed Cup in 2019, said. It is a significant match with a significant draw. I can clearly see how excited I am to begin the 1000 event.
It doesn’t take long to realize that in her 12th tour, Garzia is ambitious, funny, and carefree. Even though she had to fight hard to overcome bulimia nervosa and regain her normal eating habits, she also does not hesitate to let you meet her inner self.

My favorite restaurant is the Common Ground. My number one spot is there. She comments on Dubai’s well-off promenade, which is prestigious for its stylish stores and top notch cafés. ” She adds, “I also think JBR is pretty nice.”

We went to Hard Rock for a concert and a cup of coffee yesterday, which was actually nice just to have something really outside of tennis. Dubai has everything you could possibly need. That is positive.

Garcia likewise offered certifiable thanks for the impact Indian whiz Sania, whose exceptional profession will reach a conclusion in Dubai this week, has had on the ladies’ down all in all.

I’m sure she meant a lot to me. The French player commented, “She had an extremely lengthy profession, began very well in singles, then accomplished some astonishing work in pairs the most recent few years.”

I believe that she brings so much to tennis and the women’s sport. She is not only a huge tennis star but also a regular person because she is from India.

“Most of the time when you cross Indian people, if you say you are playing tennis, they always know Sania Mirza even if they do not know anything about tennis,” she continued.

I don’t figure many individuals can say that they just move young men and young ladies in their country. She is unquestionably a global phenomenon.

Garcia was likely to set no limits on how ambitious and self-aware she could be when it came to what she wanted to do in 2023 to satisfy her hunger.

She offers the following point of counsel: “You have to take the confidence of a great year of tennis, playing well, proving to yourself that your game style is a game style that is working and can bring you a lot of great things.” That must be accepted. After that, a new year begins.

Even though Garcia doesn’t like to shop, she will definitely pack the glittering Dubai Tennis Trophy in her suitcase when she gets back home.

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