For a year, Dubai can: less than seven million bottles that are only used once; stakeholders; Partners mark a significant occasion.

In its most memorable year, Dubai Can, the maintainability campaign launched in February 2022, has reduced the use of more than 7,000,000 single-use plastic water bottles.

The initiative aims to encourage the use of reusable containers and reduce the negative impact that single-use plastics have on the environment.

50 drinking fountains were installed in recreational areas, beaches, and tourist destinations to encourage driving. The improvement has moreover moved various exclusive organizations to present water fountains in their working environments. Dubai Can has become a driving force behind the city’s supportability strategy because it aligns with the city’s obligation to fulfill the United Nations Supportable Improvement Objectives.

In accordance with Dewa, GCC, and World Health Organization standards, the water stations located throughout the city adhere to stringent cleanliness guidelines and provide clean, safe water. Over the course of the past year, the outcome of Dubai Can has been credited to nearly 1,000 partners and supporters from the public authority as well as the confidential sector. Their enthusiasm, dedication, and support have been crucial in achieving the drive’s goal of reducing the use of single-use plastic water bottles and expanding the use of reusable alternatives.

“As we reach the one-year sign of talabat UAE becoming Dubai Can’s establishing partner, we are unquestionably thankful for the Dubai government’s efforts to give the local area, including all conveyance riders, access to free drinking water across the city,” Tatiana Rahal, Overseer at talabat UAE, stated. We recognize that manageability is a fundamental power for positive effect, and one of our guiding principles at talabat is to be the primary drivers of progress and development.

She went on to say, “Dubai Can goes beyond reducing single-use plastic containers; It gives people the ability to take on roles that are harmless to the ecosystem’s tendencies and provides a plan for the entire city. The drive is an expression of the authority’s vision to support the acceptance of manageable ways of living in order to protect the climate and lessen the impact of environmental change with COP 28 taking place in the UAE this year.”

“Accor’s cooperation in the Dubai Can drive was a two-prong approach,” Duncan O’Rourke, CEO of Accor Gathering for Premium, Midscale, and Economy brands in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia Pacific, stated. “The first was supporting quite possibly the earliest open wellspring in the city, at the Dubai World Exchange Place.” The second part of our involvement in the project was the installation of in-house filtration systems that provided visitors to our 55 hotels in the city with safe, plastic-free water. We have achieved 20% execution up to this point, a number we want to consistently increase throughout the year. We are pleased to be active participants in this amazing effort and anticipate expanding our assistance throughout our accommodations.

“As well as supporting Dubai Can from a commonsense perspective – executing drives, for example, air-to-water machines and water cleaning frameworks across a range of our properties – we accept it’s priceless as a component of a more extensive, far reaching effort expected to encourage truly social change, especially with the city set to lead the global environment activity discussion while facilitating COP 28 in the not-too-distant future,” Aligi Gardenghi, VP, Tasks, Bed As per this perspective, Dubai Can is faultlessly agreed with Development With Reason, our overall ESG procedure to drive reliable travel and the movement business. We must continue to embrace potential opportunities, such as Dubai Can, to have a positive ecological and social impact across our tasks, production network, and networks as a major brand in Dubai’s dynamic hospitality space.”

Sandeep Walia, Marriott Global’s Head Working Official for the Middle East, added, “We are eager to commend the Dubai Can drive’s one-year characteristic.” People, networks, and organizations have been energized by the pioneers’ and DET’s efforts to accelerate and maintain this unprecedented citywide supportability development. Marriott Worldwide is entirely committed to Dubai Can support. Our groups have gathered over the past year to assist the drive in a variety of ways, including the installation of water filtration systems connected to the water supply in the region at many of our Dubai properties. The establishment of in-house packaging plants and public water channel stations at participating hotels are two additional ongoing initiatives, as are efforts to eliminate the use of plastic in our city’s cafes.

“Radisson Inn Gathering trusts in a flourishing, economical, and capable business that upholds our kin, networks, and the planet with moral business techniques, carbon reduction, supportability practices, and employability projects to construct better prospects,” stated Tim Cordon, COO of Radisson Inn Gathering for the Middle East and Africa. Since our organization already has strengths for a business legacy and maintainability program that is built around three points of support, our importance for the Dubai Can citywide supportability development cannot be denied. Consider individuals, the group of people, and the planet.”

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Hossam Kamal, Senior boss, Amwaj Rotana, said, “I’m satisfied that as per Rotana Earth drives, Amwaj Rotana has joined the overall normal turn of events and transformed into the primary Rotana housing to include sensible containers for appreciating water guest rooms. As a five-star hotel, we can directly observe how plastic affects our environment and climate. We acknowledge that the most effective strategy for reducing waste and positively impacting the environment is to use less plastic. We are working toward a significant change that has a significant impact on the environment but also supports our visitors who prioritize sustainable travel. It makes a difference to be involved with such a significant drive and to have the confidence that our visitors will enjoy the new jugs while they are here.

“We at our MAF-Accor are glad to help the Dubai Can drive,” Pullman Dubai Spring City Lodging and Homes Inn Director Ghaith Dalati explained. As part of our obligation to reduce the number of plastic water bottles used in our seven hotels and as part of the Dubai Can campaign, which will be launched in 2022, a few drives and activities have been organized to reduce the amount of plastic waste. We provide our guests with refillable, glass-sifted water in all of our eateries and meeting rooms. We have also eliminated all single-use bottles from the lofts and prepared private units with water channels throughout our visit. With regard to plastic water bottles that can only be used once, we fully support and will continue to support the development of a culture that values responsible commercialization. Our coordinated effort with Eshara, whose Air Water Generator machines have helped us reduce a significant number of plastic jugs on a monthly basis, is one factor that has led us down this path. We have set their water generators in our donning offices and back of house, to give our guest free and safe water. This drive is being expanded to outfit every one of our lodgings with new water bottles using reused glass bottles too.”

“From the very beginning, Wander Inns has been situated as a brand that represents handling significant ecological issues and aligns with the UAE’s Net Zero by 2050 drive,” stated Paul Bridger, COO of Meander Lodgings. All Wander properties are guaranteed by the Green Key, and we are constantly working on simple but effective regular steps to become more reasonable, like reducing the amount of single-use plastic we use in our activities. A part of these drives consolidate superseding plastic water bottles in our diners and event spaces with refillable glass carafes, executing reusing and waste separation in each room, replacing key plastic cards with bamboo ones, using energy and water capability gauges across our housing designs, and putting free filtered water taps in our hotels’ public locales, among various things.”

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