“Bollywood doesn’t have female-led comedies,” asserts Sanya Malhotra.

“Bollywood doesn’t have female-led comedies,” asserts Sanya Malhotra.


The uniform was worn by Sanya Malhotra for her role in the upcoming Kathal movie. The story of how the police looked into the two missing kathals, also known as jackfruit, is told in the movie, which will be available on Netflix.


In preparation for the release of her upcoming film, Kathal, Sanya Malhotra, who has appeared in numerous iconic films like Badhaai Ho, Dangal, and Ludo, among others, is getting ready. Yashowardhan Mishra’s comedy-drama is based on a quirky tale about two jackfruits that vanish from a politician’s garden.


With the solid female characters that you’re playing, how would you believe is the substance scene changing in showbiz?

There is no doubt that the way women are portrayed in movies is changing, and I want to lead those stories with conviction.

Is it a priority for you to play a strong woman with a voice, then?

No, I don’t want to be constrained. As an actor, I want to play characters that challenge and excite me in a variety of roles.

In all of your films, you’ve played the neighbor girl. Did that occur by decision?

I want to be a part of the stories that I believe in and want to watch as an audience as an actor today.

How much have the women in your actual life influenced you?


Whether it was my mother or my sister, I grew up surrounded by strong women. I feel like a very strong sister because of this.

Does the film industry also have that?

Sana Shaikh’s Fatima; her co-star in Dangal) and Radhika (Madan; Her Pataakha co-stars are two amazing women with a strong sense of self-identity. I can certainly attest to that about them.

Prior, news about female entertainers not getting along frequently stood out as truly newsworthy…

Indeed, once upon a time, we would peruse stories in film magazines about female entertainers not getting along. I’ve read about their arguments and fights. It was humorous!
No, I believe I am blessed in that way. In point of fact, having such a robust sisterhood here on which I can rely makes me very happy.

In reference to Fatima, you and she are working on Sam Bahadur for the third time, following Dangal (2016) and Ludo (2020). What were your first memories of you and her?

I recall our Dangal times. We would be sitting in a scooty and go for our tryouts together.

Did you ever anticipate that you would both become well-known figures in the film industry?

We had no idea at the time that our careers would develop in the manner they did and that we would collaborate on so many films.

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