Asim Riaz asserts that Sidharth Shukla visited him in a dream prior to his death and that Bigg Boss was rigged; The brother of Shehnaaz Gill reacts.

On Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss, Sidharth Shukla and Asim Riaz had a love-hate relationship. Asim finished second to Sidharth, who won the show.
Asim Riaz, a Bigg Boss contestant who was good friends with Sidharth Shukla, said that the actor once came to him in a dream. In 2021, Sidharth, who had won Bigg Boss, died of a massive heart attack, leaving behind a large number of distraught fans. Asim Riaz talked about him in a new interview with Siddharth Kanan: “He came in my dream bro, I swear.” I already knew about it (it happened). One of my cousins called me, and Ruhaan said, “Usne mujhe bola bhai news on karna” (He asked me to turn on the news), but he didn’t tell me because he knows how sensitive and emotional I am. He continued, “I have spent 140 days with him in that house and I was really connected because I had no friend outside and aisa connection kisi se hua hi nahi kabhi bhai, matlab ladna toh 4-4 din, hasna toh 4-4 din” (I had no connection with anyone else like this, as in fighting with them on some days and being friendly on others). He also went into great detail about the dream.
After Sidharth’s death in 2021, Asim Riaz made similar assertions. “I m gonna meet you in heaven brother…R I P sidharthshukla,” he had tweeted at the time. Additionally, Asim uploaded a video with the song “Tera Yaar Hoon” in the background. He wrote, “I had dream in the morning about the big boss journey,” in addition to the video. And I saw Siddarth after watching his bb video, and he came over and gave me a hug. I still can’t believe this. See you on the other side, Sid…” On the reality show, which was hosted by Salman Khan, Sidharth and Asim had a close friendship and a rivalry. Asim finished second to Sidharth, who won the show. Now, Asim has once more asserted that the show was rigged. They declared that there would be no online voting because they didn’t want me to win. Mere dauran unhone kya kiya 15 minutes… jeetana hai jeetao jisko Man, come on, just say that you don’t want me to win. We had to believe that you had done it because it was so obvious to you. But I was fine,” Asim said in the interview, claiming that the Bigg Boss producers didn’t want him to win.

Sidharth’s brother Shehbaaz posted on Twitter, “Some people still don’t understand sher ek hi hai aur ek hi rehta hai,” despite the fact that Sidharth’s close friend Shehnaaz Gill has not responded to Asim’s statement.
Asim Riaz, who made his debut as a rapper, is said to be one of the contestants for Kangana Ranaut’s reality show Lock Upp’s second season.

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