As the current wave of industrial action continues, the teachers’ union may be the next to announce strikes.

There is a possibility that thousands of teachers will go on strike today as the National Education Union (NEU) gets ready to announce the results of a strike ballot.

The NEU has stated that walkouts could begin at the end of the month in England and Wales after over 300,000 teachers and support staff were asked to vote in a pay dispute.

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Last week, ballots cast by NASUWT teachers union members showed support for strikes from nine out of ten of them, but turnout was below the 50% threshold.

Members of the Educational Institute of Scotland union will begin 16 days of rolling strike action today. Teachers in two of Scotland’s 32 local authority areas will strike every day beginning on February 6.

East Lothian and Glasgow are the first two councils to be affected. Today, all schools, with the exception of those taking preliminary exams, are closed.

Following the disappointment of chats on Thursday between agents of the Scottish government, heads of neighborhood specialists, and showing associations, the activity is pushing ahead.

The Association of Headteachers and Deputes in Scotland’s members will also begin 16 days of rolling strikes today.

The strikes are part of a week-long wave of labor protests that have been taking place throughout the UK for months.

Nurses in England are going to go on strike on Wednesday and Thursday.

If no progress is made in negotiations by the end of January, the Royal College of Nursing has issued a warning that the next set of strikes will include all eligible members in England for the first time. The government maintains that wage increases should be decided by pay review bodies and that pay claims are unaffordable. Wherever you get your podcasts, you can subscribe to the Sky News Daily by clicking here.

Due to the lack of progress in negotiations, leaders from the GMB union will meet today to decide whether to call another strike among ambulance workers. Until the current ambulance workers took to the picket line in London earlier this month, health unions are refusing to provide the NHS pay review body with any evidence for the pay increase in 2023/24.

Any decision will probably be made public later in the week.

On Wednesday, Unison workers at the Environment Agency will go on strike in response to a pay dispute.

Mary Bousted asserts that the government and teachers have not properly negotiated regarding a possible strike. Play the video at 0:31 and say, “I didn’t get one call from education sec.” Mary Bousted attests that the public authority has known for quite a long time that instructors were thinking about strike activity.
In an effort to resolve the ongoing disagreement that has resulted in a number of strikes since last summer, train operators and rail unions will continue their discussions.

The offer is said to be under consideration by both parties.

It comes at the same time that 100,000 members of the Public and Commercial Services union (PCS) are getting ready for a strike on February 1 that will affect governments, driving test centers, museums, ports, and airports.

More specifics:
According to Health Secretary Mark Harper, the Transportation Secretary has given rail companies “permission” to make a new offer to unions this week. A teachers’ strike, according to Transport Secretary Mark Harper, would be “very regrettable.” Watch the video at 0:38 to learn why a teacher strike would be “regrettable.” On February 1, the TUC will stage a series of protests against the government’s controversial new strike law proposal.

Parliament will give planned legislation that aims to guarantee minimum levels of service during strikes its Second Reading later today.

Contrary to the public authority’s turn, a dissent will be held external Bringing down Road.

PCS members who work as legal advisers and court associates in more than 80 courts across England and Wales are also planning additional strike action in the long-running dispute over the case management system Common Platform.

Around 300 PCS members will take action on January 21 and 28.

Sky News Daily can be subscribed to wherever you get your podcasts by clicking here. Mark Serwotka, the PCS’s general secretary, stated: Our individuals will keep on opposing the ineffectual Normal Stage framework and battle for the trustworthiness of the whole equity framework as long as supervisors keep on overlooking them.”

This week’s industrial action will take place after the government was accused of trying to “steamroller” new legislation on strikes amid growing outrage over the “spiteful” measure.

As a feature of the priests’ reaction to long periods of strikes and forthcoming walkouts, a bill requiring least help levels during modern activity will accept its Second Perusing in parliament on Monday.

Labour declared that it would oppose the legislation and any efforts to speed up its passage through parliament without providing sufficient scrutiny.

The TUC claims that the proposed law would limit the right to strik by giving ministers vast new powers.

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