Are Gautam Vig and Soundarya Sharma in a “Long Distance” Relationship on Bigg Boss 16? Previous Answers

When Gautam Vig and Soundarya Sharma were in the Bigg Boss 16 house, their romantic relationship made headlines, but they have never been seen together since the show ended. As a result, Gautam discussed his relationship with Soundarya in a recent interview, revealing that the two “cleared out things” following Salman Khan’s reality show.

“She reacted to the numerous things that people inside told her, and I believe that was the right thing for her to do. I might have behaved similarly if I had been at her place. However, I called her when she emerged, and we spoke. Things were cleared out. And we spoke even when we met in the finale episode,” Gautam told E-Times.

The Junooniyat actor also said that it’s a “long distance thing right now” because they live in different cities. The problem is that we are currently in various cities, so we are merely attempting to follow the current and see how things develop. Friends are preferable to enemies. Let’s see how things develop over the next few days. We are both concentrating on her work, so we are not rushing. Currently, it is a long-distance matter, aage dekhenge kya hoga,” he continued.
Additionally, Gautam clarified that they have no “grudges or bad blood” with one another. We respect one another, which is why we did not disagree because we are both mature people. Baaki, we’ll find out how things develop over time. “We’ll talk most days,” he said at the end.

This comes on the heels of reports that Soundarya has been seeing filmmaker Sajid Khan, who is also her co-contestant on Bigg Boss 16. The actress, on the other hand, recently stated that the reports make her “deeply hurt and disappointed” and that they are “false stories.”

These fabricated claims that I am associated with Sajid have deeply hurt me and disappointed me. He has always impressed me as a friend, a role model, and an older brother. It is troubling that women are still the subject of link-up stories today. She stated to Times Now, “It’s time for society to stop looking at us through the narrow prism of who we are dating and focus on what we are accomplishing.”

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