AJK top court boycotts generally unlawful stone-squashing plants

Chief Justice Raja Saeed Akram Khan of the Azad Jammu and Kashmir Supreme Court ordered the Department of Industries, Commerce, Labor, and Mineral Resources to prohibit all illegal stone crushing plants in the picturesque valley to safeguard the environment.

Only 54 stone crushing plants are allowed to continue operating following the decision made by the highest court in AJK.

The AJK chief justice had advised the department that the illegal stone-crushing plants on Neelum Road should only continue operating in accordance with the region’s SOPs.

The exhaustive seeing of the division, as facilitated by AJKSC CJ, is ending up productive, and pay of Rs72.8 million has been accumulated such a long ways from various stone-crushing plants that are filling in according to the workplace’s SOPs.

More specifics: While sharing extra income subtleties, AJK Secretary Ventures and Minerals Wajahat Rashid expressed that a month to month income of Rs5.5 million was gathered from the proprietors of stone-pulverizing and limestone plants by stringently following the CJ’s requests. AJK PM: He stated that this revenue would rise over time under the Land Preservation Act, which was enacted in.

“We will maintain zero tolerance in this regard, and the Industries and Minerals Department is putting in a lot of effort to ensure that all environmentally friendly standard operating procedures are followed in all areas involving limestone and stone crushing.” We will never violate the fundamental environmental SOPs, and AJKSC is keeping a close eye on the whole situation. “The significant collection of revenue from the stone crushing and limestone plants is to be credited with the Chief Justice of AJKSC, who is personally overseeing environmental issues,” Rashid stated.

He went on to say that illegal limestone plants and crushing were bad for the health of the people who lived there, as well as for the natural beauty and environment of the area. He expressed that unlawful stone-pulverizing plants were dirtying the air in the district as well as influencing individuals’ wellbeing.

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